RNA No. 2 Area covers Kent. Surrey and East Sussex.
There are 25 branches, one of which has their own Club, this being Ramsgate.

Area delegates meetings are held quarterly at various venues throughout the Area. Area Events Cacncelled until further notice

See RNA Weekly News Letter



To foster comradeship and "esprit de corps" amongst those who have served or are serving in our Naval Forces.
To perpetuate the memory of those members of our Naval Forces who have died in the service of their country.
To provide relief from conditions of need, hardship or distress, to persons who serve in or have served in our Naval Forces and all dependants of such persons.
To advise and assist Members in their search for employment.
To advise Members and their dependants on personal matters, such as pensions, compensation, health and social security benefits and other subjects affecting their welfare.

Unity, Loyalty, Patriotism and Comradeship

Once Navy Always Navy